What We Do

General Cargo

Besides the specific areas we have identified upon, the Harmonized Tariff is home to everything that can be imported into the United States.  While we possess additional experience in some very niche areas of that book, it does not diminish our capability to serve the needs of all commercial importers whether they be importing leather

Stone slabs and tiles

Slabs and tiles, for as simple as they may seem, pose a host of challenges to an importer’s supply chain.  Because they are stored outside, APHIS examines shipments for pests.  Heavy and prone to breakage, slabs test a shipper’s cargo insurance.  We are experienced Customs brokers when it comes to clearing tile and slabs and


Cheese is one of the most challenging products to classify and enter. Country restrictions, quotas, agricultural origin and food safety and admissibility all come together to make for high barriers to the American market if not done right.  Mittelstaedt, Galaviz, & Mylin are proud to have as part of our team someone who has more


The removal of most quotas on textiles years ago have not changed the importance that Customs places upon classification. With the expansion of bilateral and regional trade agreements, CBP looks more closely to verify origin claims and protect revenue. We have been clearing textiles for more than fifty years and understand the classification of yarn,


The challenges faced by US importers of lumber are numerous.  Potential anti-dumping duties, constant pressure from Agriculture to insure shipments are pest-free, even transport challenges moving the goods across border from Canada and into the United States all weigh on an importer’s mind. Mittelstaedt, Galaviz, and Mylin eases those worries and concerns by helping insure

Fish and Wildlife

Among the strictest of government agencies, Fish & Wildlife is responsible for the admission of animal and plant products into, and export from, the United States.  Whether live animals or products made from them, trust Mittelstaedt, Galaviz, & Mylin to review or prepare your CITES and Fish & Wildlife form 3-177.

FDA & AMS – Perishable produce

In an ever changing climate of regulations, admitted and banned produce and concerns over foreign threats to US agriculture and food safety, we have worked diligently with FDA and the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service around the United States to present, declare and release our clients’ cargo in this highly time sensitive industry.

USDA Food Safety Inspection Service

Since we opened, one of our core businesses has been in the Customs and USDA release of meat, both refrigerated and frozen, from all around the globe.  Edward Mittelstaedt spent four years working in an FSIS facility himself; our experience in this area is deep and respected.